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In 1992 Cinema For Thurso Campaign wrote to Thor Leisure thru their legal advisers suggesting the viability of a 2 screen cinema in Thurso supported by a petition of over 2200 signees and viability figures for a 3 year period. The response was acknowledged and the ALL STAR FACTORY became the eventual outcome. The cinema opened in October 2000.
The front of the cinema after completion and opening.
Photo Copyright 2000 JOHN MACRAE, THURSO
Above, the cinema under contruction. The All Star Factory is the third purpose-built cinema in Caithness preceeded by the Picture House Cinema, Thurso and the Breadalbane Cinema, Wick.
Screen 1 of the cinema seats 152, smaller than the suggested 250 but still a good size of screen. Screen 2 seats 88 people, originally suggested to seat 100 but again still offering a good size of screen.
Photo Copyright 2000 JOHN MACRAE, THURSO
Looking to the stalls the design unfortunately excludes centre-of-house seating because the aisle runs down the middle so there is nowhere to get an even view of the picture although all viewers can see the picture without a head in front.
Photo Copyright 2000 JOHN MACRAE, THURSO
The All Star Factory is the most northernly cinema in the UK although the ultimate honour goes to the Picture House, Grove Lane, Thurso in 1912.
The cinema is an important asset to the town given the proximity of the Phoenix, Kirkwall, 50 miles north on the Orkney islands and the VUE Cinema, Inverness, 110 miles south.
The All Star Factory is pretty much what we campaigned for between 1984 and 1997. Thurso can now support a 4/5 screen cinema but the economic situation is not stable in the area so it is important that the existing cinema is well supported. We don't want to have another 17 years without the big screen!